Our Capabilities

Leading global specialist in custom carbon fibre composite solutions


M&P Testing

With an onsite laboratory we conduct M&P (Material and Process) work to aid our customers develop ideas and concepts, aiding better decision making.


Design for Manufacture

We are a design for manufacture facility which means we inject intelligence into the front end of the manufacturing process by informing our customers how to build their exciting concepts and then we actually build them to a high standard. We hold AS9100 accreditation, and all the robust procedures required within the highly regulated aerospace industry



With over 20 years of tooling expertise we are able to advise, design and build for your tooling needs.



With a fully equipped factory and over 21 years of experience working with composites we set about making concepts a reality, building parts and airframes quickly and accurately.


Custom Composite spare parts and repairs

We build spare parts and provide custom composite repairs across Aerospace, Space, Marine and Motor sport.

Having serviced the Americas cup, large motor sport events, rocket makers and large aircraft manufacturers. Anything from small components organisations wish to outsource, to more complex parts that others are struggling with.